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Advertising Placement

Reach your ideal clients no matter where they are located. The right mix of video ad placements by platform and through traditional and non-traditional means. 

Cable TV, Broadcast TV, Traditional Radio, Streaming Radio, OTT, CTV, Streaming, Video On Demand, Billboards, In Stadium, and much more!

Reaching Your Ideal Clients through Live Sports, High Value Programming and much more.

Advertising Placement

Based on your target demo and target geography. EAG Advertising will develop a video advertising plan utilizing 1st & 3rd party data, the market leading video ad placement companies all within your budget. 


Working alongside the leading cable, broadcast, and "cord cutting" delivery platforms to place your video when and where your ideal clients are consuming content. 

EAG Advertising can place your business in live sports, high value programming, on smart phones, smart TVs, streaming platforms, and much more. 

Leverage the power of traditional and non-traditional means to reach your ideal clients.


EAG partners with local and regional radios stations, streaming radio, billboards, magazines, stadiums, and many more to ensure your message is reaching the right audience where it makes the most sense for your business.


Contact us today to learn how EAG Advertising can assist your business and reach you next new customer. 

A few of the brands we have we worked with!

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