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Video Display Ads

Video Display Ads are not your "normal" display ads.

We use video content to produce eye catching, consumer engaging, and never before seen ads and optimize campaigns in flight, producing incredible results for our clients.

Video Display Ads provide our customers with the ability to use motion video content within traditional display advertisement.


This new technology attracts your ideal customers, who engage with your ad, engage with your website, and also strengthening your brand recall leading to increased revenues for your organization. 

Investing in your business to stand out from the competition while driving traffic to your site has become so easy with Video Display Ads. 

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Which Ad captures your attention?

Static banners are outdated and rarely provide your target audience with a reason to interact with you. 

VDAs are designed to attract and have your ideal customers interact. 

How many visitors are coming to your website monthly?

How many new visitors would you like to come to your website each month?

What would that do for your business?

Video Display Ads offer our clients the ability to reach their ideal customers, using sight & motion, in a display format, targeting your ideal customer, all within specific geographies. 

If you are looking for ways to drive new visitors to your website each month and

not spend your entire ad budget doing so, connect with us.  

Contact E.A.G. Advertising today, to learn more about this new technology, discuss current client campaign performance, and plan your business growth!  

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