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Client Success Stories

Success for every business is a bit different. Our goal is to help your business reach your goals, whatever they may be. Along the way we will continually optimize campaigns to assist you in reaching your current and future goals. Here are a few success stories from a few of our current clients. 

New Car Keys

New Auto Dealer

A local tier 3 automotive client needed to separate themselves from their competition in a very competitive market.

Most of their marketing and advertising efforts were done in house and with 3rd party venders.

E.A.G. Advertising learned more about their goals, their market share, their competition, their competitive advantage, their areas of opportunity and budgets. We then reviewed all current and past marketing plans in depth.

After conducting our research, we built a customized plan specifically for this dealership, without increasing their advertising budget.

Within the 1st 9 months they saw a 38% increase in users and a 36% increase in new users to their website and also became the leading volume dealer of their particular brand within this very competitive market. All done with no increase to their advertising budget!

Local Jewlery Store

A local Jewelry store who has only been in business for 2 yeas is looking to expand and grow their business. They were unsure of how to get to the next level.

All of their marketing and advertising was done in house. E.A.G. Advertising conducted a review of their digital footprint and produced a plan to help elevate them to the next level.

Within the 1st 6 months, we assisted in the creation and launching of their website. Took over their social media management, and assisted with their content creation.

With no advertising budget to start, sales have increased by 23%, FB organically increased by 182%, FB Post engagement increased by 97%, and IG visits increased by 219%. 

Stay Tuned For More Success On This Local Business!!!!!

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Auto Dealer Needing Full Service Agency

A well-known auto dealer in a very competitive market was looking to hire a full-service advertising agency to help with their aggressive goals. 

After reviewing their entire digital footprint, their current marketing plan, vetting their current 3rd party venders, and meeting with their corporate office.

E.A.G. Advertising created a customized marketing and advertising plan to assist this dealership in reaching very aggressive goals. 

E.A.G. approached this client as an extension of their dealership and manages their entire marketing and advertising approach.  

Within the 1st 3 months E.A.G. eliminated underperforming partners, introduced new partners, revamped their social media presence, refocused who and where they needed to focus, and created new content.

Within the 1st 9 months the client has seen their highest November sales ever, a 17% increase in users, a 16% increase in new users, and a 19.7% increase in new car sales all while staying within current budgets. 

National On-Line Retailer

A national on-line retail client in a very competitive industry was looking to increase sales, market share, and brand awareness. They are unable to compete with the household brand names dollar for dollar and needed to do things a bit differently.

Most of their current advertising and outreach efforts are done in house and perform very well. Where they needed assistance was reaching a specific consumer when and where they are consuming content. 

Through 1st party data, we are able to determine areas of focus, areas of opportunity, and the impact of campaigns. With long standing strategic partnerships with TV networks, and leading cable providers, E.A.G. Advertising is able to effectively manage their TV campaigns. Over the past few months this client has seen a 15% increase in users, 16% increase in new users, 51% increase in direct traffic, 70% increase in organic traffic and a 49.3% increase in revenue.

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